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EISENBERG is a family-owned, leading beauty brand with profound values at its heart and a strong identity.

Created and developed by José Eisenberg, the Brand has a unique backstory with the founder’s extensive experience in the worlds of beauty and high-tech research. Today, his son Edmond Eisenberg is leading EISENBERG into its next generation of excellence and beauty, perpetuating the Brand’s values.

From cutting-edge high-tech face and body care to smart, sophisticated make-up and enchanting fragrances, EISENBERG Paris’ collections for women and men perfectly balance timeless elegance, luxury, sensory pleasure and immediate, visible results.

EISENBERG allows your natural beauty to shine through on the most important day of your life!



The cutting-edge TrioMolecular® Formula, combined with the best of nature, boosts the benefits of targeted active ingredients, each one carefully selected to address specific skin needs. Balancing sensoriality and results, created with exceptional textures, every formula is free of controversial ingredients and respectful of skin. Our treatments benefit from years of scientific research and commitment to excellence. Fragrances from EISENBERG, distinct olfactory signatures for women and men.

Let yourself be tempted by an eau de parfum, or leave behind an even more elegant trail with a rare perfume extract.

eisenberg kosmētika

Each fragrance collection, intimate expressions of José Eisenberg’s creative mind, captures a memory, evokes a mood, invites you to discover a magical olfactory universe. A fine fusion of skincare and make-up, Les Essentiels du Maquillage deliver skincare benefits and easily fit into any woman’s daily routine. Make-up skincare hybrids that afford instant beauty-enhancing result. EISENBERG Paris’s specially formulated line of hightech men’s skincare protects and promotes daily regeneration.

From anti-ageing prevention to eliminating wrinkles and sagging, each targeted treatment helps skin regain its health and radiance. These Men’s Grooming solutions deliver the results today’s active, professional men expect.



Our specialists share skincare, fragrance and make-up insights, as well as advice and recommendations.


Reserve your exclusive, personalised beauty consultation. Receive routines and advice tailored to you and your partner’s needs and goals.

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