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Elizabetes iela 10B, Rīga, Latvija

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With attention to the smallest detail, honoring the individuality of each Femme Aristocrate

Femme Aristocrate silk capsule collection The Empress is the epitome of luxury creating elegantly tailored and exquisite loungewear and accessories.

The Empress is not only aesthetically delightful but the uniqueness of the collection lies in providing the combined benefits of three very special luxurious elements that have been praised among empresses and queens for centuries - silk, amber and linen. Stories of these three unique natural elements, all symbolizing prosperity and wealth, date back to ancient Egypt and Asia when the secret of the benefits these elements hold was well kept only among the royals. These secrets have been revealed over the years and the benefits of silk, amber and linen have become well known.

  • Silk originated in China, has been a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and power from the ancient times and was kept as a secret for centuries as many believed it possessed near-mythical powers. It has been praised for its ability to slow down the aging process by keeping the skin and hair well hydrated. Especially encouraged for the night as it is said to reduce hair breakage and wrinkles when sleeping on it. It also holds highly valuable hypoallergenic qualities.
  • Amber is one of the most unique wonders of the world that still carries stories from the prehistoric world. Starting its journey as a rare liquid - a resin produced by the rays of the sun from an ancient tree that existed more than 50 million years ago, it is then carried by the tides of the oceans and seas, traveling through high pressures and temperatures for millions of years to finally form the wonder that was once known to be the lucky charm for the kings of Egypt, nowadays known as amber. Amber is scientifically proven to possess the ability to alleviate stress, ease pains, ultraviolet rays, regenerate skin cells and improve the immune system. Femme Aristocrate uses the luxurious amber yarn, that embodies all of the magical properties of amber, hand-woven in combination with highest quality French linen.
  • Linen is one of the world’s oldest and most prized textiles dating back over 30 000 years is also considered to be one of the strongest of all natural fibres. In ancient Mesopotamia where it was once made, it was reserved only for the higher classes. Due to its long and complicated creation process it is considered to be one of the most luxurious natural fabrics and furthermore it is also considered one of the most environmentally friendly and bacteria resistant fabrics.

The Empress capsule collection offers a selection of elegant luxury loungewear pieces including a jacket, trousers, shorts, camisoles that can be easily combined with each other to create a complete look and gift sets.

We believe that every woman should be able to get exactly what she wants without compromises

Therefore we offer made-to-measure services to make dreams a reality. Our in-house tailors are savoir-faire experts using the most intricate techniques to create these unique pieces.

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